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The following user guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to change heads with HddSurgery Seagate 7200.10 read/write head change tool.
More details you can find on our site www.hddsurgery.com and send your question and  suggestions to support@hddsurgery.com

HDD Surgery Tools for data recovery experts

Seagate 7200.10 read/write head change tool

HddSurgery Seagate 7200.10 read/write head change tools

Seagate hard drives belong in the category of disks that “park heads” above the magnetic platters. That way of functioning implies that, in a situation when the drive is powered off, heads are located on the surface that has no sensitive magnetic material. This allows drive to start the motor to the required speed. The purpose of Seagate 7200.10 head change tool is to enable safe heads passage over the “data” area above platters surface, and to provide non-contact transfer to patient disc. HddSurgery Seagate 7200.10 head change tool is tool made for safe and easy head change on Seagate 7200.10, 7200.ES and 7200.8 drives with up to 3 platters. During the whole procedure of head change heads and platters do not have contact. Head are lifted over NON-data area and safely guided over the platters. In process of installing back the donor head same procedures needs to be done. Head are guided over platters with no contact and safely deployed in non-data area.

Supported models for HddSurgery Seagate 7200.10 read/write head change tool

Seagate 7200.10 (3 platters) read/write head change tool

PATA drives

ST3500630A, ST3500830A, ST3400620A, ST3400820A, ST3320620A, ST3320820A, ST3300620A ,ST3300820A, ST3250820A, ST3200820A, ST3400832A, ST3400632A, ST3300831A, ST3300631A, ST3250823A, ST3250623A, ST3200826A

SATA drives

ST3500630AS, ST3500830AS, ST3400620AS, ST3400820AS, ST3320620AS, ST3320820AS, ST3300620AS, ST3300820AS, ST3250620AS, ST3250820AS, ST3200820AS, ST3400832AS, ST3400632AS, ST3300831AS, ST3300631AS, ST3250823AS, ST3250623AS,ST3200826AS

ES.2 SATA drives

ST3500630NS, ST3320620NS, ST3250620NS

Head replacement process (9 steps)

Step 1. Mounting the tool on actuator arms

Remove screws holding flat cable contact and with a finger push contact from the bottom upwards to release it. The pressure from below may cause flat cable contacts to pop out and possibly damage platters, so hold firmly top of a flat cable contact with another hand while pushing related plastic. Before applying pressure remove screws from their holes. Carefully center the tool over the center hole of the hard disc head. Take care that the notch on the bottom of the tool coincides with the commas in the actuator arm base. Tighten the screw to perform tool installation.

With your right hand make sure that the tool shank with snouts remains in the area outside of the platters.
Be sure to tighten the screw in order to ensure good contact and proper tool height.

Step 2. Lifting the heads

By horizontally moving tool shank we slide the tool over platters. Construction of tools enables heads to lift on tool snouts by relatively small force. If you feel that the necessary force is greater than the expected, check tool positions and possible damage to the HDA assembly. Push the tool as far as limiter is allowing.

Step 3. Securing the tool

The tool has a hole at its edge, which coincides with the hole in the head. The leftmost position is necessary to ensure the bound between tool and actuator arm. Securing is being done with the securing pin.

If the connection of tool and actuator arms is not properly engaged, heads slipping is possible during disassembling.

Step 4. Moving the tool outside of platters area

By vertical scrolling move the tool (previously secured by pin) to the initial position.

Step 5. Dismounting the heads

With the help of a standard flat screwdriver unscrew the tool together with the heads. Hold the tool with one hand because of the possibly contact with the platters. Turn screw driver counter clockwise until heads are free.

Step 6. Mounting the head in a new drive

Use the same screwdriver to screw the heads on new hard drive. When screwing the heads tighten the screw too, just in case it got loosen up during the manipulation. This operation is necessary because of possible changes in height! Turn the screw driver clockwise.
By horizontal force return the head back towards the central section of the platters.

Step 7. Removing the pin

Carefully remove the securing pin when heads are above the parking zone.

Step 8. Removing the tool outside of platters

Horizontally push tool shank with a finger to return the tool outside of platters.
With another hand hold back side of head arm (magnetic coil) to prevent heads from moving.

Step 9. Dismounting the tool

Take out the screw and remove the tool. While loosening use the assisting tool to make counter force.

Put the lid back and close the disc. Put pcb back and clone the drive.

Thank you for your interest in HddSurgery data recovery tools.
More details you can find on our site www.hddsurgery.com and send your question and suggestions to support@hddsurgery.com

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